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What are the differences between '02 and '03?

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And what were the available options/prices?
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mshea said:
Thanks. That's what I suspected (although isn't the monitor DVD vs. CD?) Would you mind elaborating on the interior options? I prefer the extended leather (otherwise, it looks like my 540) but why is that 'sport' and not 'lux'? What does the lux have that sport doesn't...?
Boost missed the title in the post.
The 03 has a DVD based Nav. THis is faster and has better maps than the CD based system. You CAN upgrade the nav computer for $800-1200.

The 03 has standard rear airbags- they may be enable or not. The 02 must have been ordered with them (IIRC)

Lots of definitive posts on Sport versus Lux interiors... do a search. SHort ans is:

Sport has different leather texture, and (maybe?) diff stitch pattern
Lux was ALL black or ALL caramel
Sport is either all black OR has colored panels on the seating surfaces (Silver, blue, red.. sorry, I'm not using the right names)
Sport comes with ALUM trim, Lux with Wood. Sport CAN be ordered with Wood.
Rear sunshades only available on sport.

Good luck- I opted for the 03 price wasn't the determinant. I know you are facing a bit of a quandry.

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CSBM5 said:
That's right Jerry. The 2002 models were rarely ordered with the rear bags -- in fact I have yet to see one that has rear bags. All 2001 and 2003 model year cars came standard with them. The door bags are deactivated from the factory (small child concerns); however, the rear head protection bags are always activated. The head bags are part of "rear bag" option on 2002's, so if it doesn't have the door bags, it has no rear head bags either.

Two questions:

How does one tell if an 02 has them? Get the configuration list from a dealer based on the VIN and look for that order code option? (I think the only 'sticker' is if there ARE there but deactivated...)

I left my door deactivated (03) since my kids are still somewhat young. At what age should they be used? or is it weight? 75lbs? 12 years? 14? Thoughts??

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