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Ok this isn't a what's the best tyre thread so please let's not turn it into one. I have already decided that Michelin are the best tyre.

I have got a whole bunch of prices for all 4:

Pirelli P Zero -£751.00
Michelin PS3 - £962.67
Continental Sport Contact 3 - £741.83
Dunlop Sport 01 - £694.19
Goodyear Asym F1 - £831.50

These are all including all taxes and fitting, now my question is how 'worth it' are they? I mean Continentals aren't quite as good, but the wear is close and they are over £200 cheaper, are the Michelins really worth the extra money, that's £200 beer money right there or an oil service. I find the price difference between Goodyear and Michelin too small to care about so I'd go PS3 in this case, but the Continental SC3 to Michelin PS3 is certainly tempting. Dunlops? I have heard the wear is poor on these but again they are now about £250 cheaper.


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I take it you've gone to Micheldever for these prices?

I put Goodyears on mine about 18 months ago for just £630 all round, fitted, from Universal tyres in Croydon.

Hope that helps.

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