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Well..I need some help.

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Im considering selling my car. Ive had a few parties interested in buying it lately. I really am attatched to this car, but I have 2 "street race" cars. The porsche is sooo much faster, i only drive the M5 now...well, when i feel like its been neglected. Anyway, I could keep it and be happy for another 3 years, or I could get this. It matches my car perfectly and I could drive it like a truck.
Help me out here!!!


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I dont know, I like your M better, its a good looking car, but if your ready for a change, your ready for a change. Keep in mind I also dont have a porsche to drive on daily basis, so maybe the change would be good, let us know what you end up doing. Josh
Phillym5, I loved what you did asthetically to your car so much, I am in the process of replicating it on mine. It would be a shame to see it go.

I've never been fond of SUVs let alone a Porsche SUV. But if you plan on getting one to "drive like a truck", you could do a lot worse then a Porsche :hihi: . That said, if I had that kind of money to be considering cars as accessories to my other cars... it'd be a much wider list of cars then one "SUV".

Have fun trying to decide :cheers: .
Lose the M5 and get the Cayenne? ouich I know how much you love the E39, but bmwusa put it right. If it is time for change...
I think an M5 would be a car I could never let go of, but I'm also not you. It will be a tough decision, but if I were you I would hold on the M5 for a little longer and see how you feel in a few months.
If you get the Cayenne, get the Twin Turbo.

I had a Cayenne S my wife drove. She drove it all the time since it cannot compare to driving M5. I got rid of it. Its is definitely not a vehicle to keep outside expired factory or extended warrantys.

Resale value sucks awful, lots of recall bulletins, TSBs and repeat dealer visits to fix things that should not happen in $60-$100K cars, 6000lbs, not much cargo room, rear seats are tight, the turbo drinks gas heavily, you prob get 10MPG or less if you like to mash out. I dont know man i think the Cayenne hype fad is all over. I got mine on a whim, one of my worst car buying mistakes.
I think if Porsche kept it exclusive with the S and TT, and not make the VW welfare powered 6cyl. it would keep the resale values higher and the vehicle would be more exclusive.
If you are looking for a powerful SUV I would say consider the Range Rover Overfinch. 380bhp 5litre V8(sounds kinda familar?), and the interior like no other.

- Kin
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Or, I came across this 650HP Volvo SUV!

Once you get past the XC90 PUV's aggressive stance and fully customized body enhancements, a true beast lurks within. Still a work in progress, the XC90 PUV is slated to eventually achieve a whopping 650 horsepower through the use of a massive supercharger, revised engine mapping and low restriction exhaust. That power is routed through a modified version of Volvo's Haldex electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system. The system is "pre-charged" meaning that power may be instantly routed to the wheel with the most traction. A new 6-speed automatic "Geartonic" transmission rounds out the driveline.

<TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=2 width=490 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=VI-Heading2>Exotic Car Styling in an SUV</TD></TR><TR><TD class=VI-BodyTextFirst>Riding a full two inches lower than a production XC90, the PUV's extraordinary styling is highlighted by it racy red paint scheme. With a nod to the super cars of Italy, the XC90 PUV sits squarely on its 9-inch wide ultra high-performance alloy wheels. The Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico tires are 275/40-ZR20s front and rear.</TD></TR><TR><TD class=VI-BodyText>
Up front is an ultra deep front airdam with a wide-mouth opening that helps to channel cool air into the engine compartment and the supercharger's intercooler. Fared into the front fascia are small, high intensity foglamps. Air slips smoothly around the PUV's front end and over the ultra-wide, custom fabricated wheel arches. Deep cuts at the rear of the side sills direct air around the tires to the 13-inch floating rear brakes, shod with 4-piston calipers. Brake duty up front is handled by 15-inch floating discs with 8-piston calipers.
</TD></TR><TR><TD class=VI-BodyText>
Around back, the rear valance smoothly integrates the custom fabricated quad exhaust tips. Tinted windows, tail lamps and head lamps and body color rearview mirrors round out the cosmetic touches to the XC90 PUV.

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Hey Josh,

It's understandable the M isn't getting used when you have such a great P-car to enjoy. But I'll bet the Cayenne won't see any more use than the M is currently getting, after the newness wears off in a couple months.

Maybe just sell the M. Or sell the M and the P, and buy something crazy-fast.

Yeah. I decided to keep it. Elevens is right. I would get bored with it. So, im keeping the M. I have too much time and money invested in it. Plus, i cant trade a M5 for a Cayenne S. :nono:

thanks for the advise guys.

If the M5 isn't your daily driver and you don't actually enjoy driving it all that much then it makes sense to me.
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