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Dear Members,

herewith i would like to introduce us as Manhart Racing. It is a pleasure to be here.

The Manhart Racing-Team can look back to a quarter of a century in dealing with the optimization of BMW vehicles. where an incomparable wealth of experience has been gained in this field. The special attention of Manhart Racing was always on the refinement of M-GmbH vehicles. The optimization of the power to weight ratio by technology swaps such as transplanting V10- (507 hp, from E60 M5) or V8 bi-turbo engines (555 hp, from E71 X6 M) including all corresponding gears into clearly smaller and lighter vehicles, for example the E92 M3, has become the trademark of the company. Of course, the transplanted engines will undergo performance boosts on request, too; for example, Manhart Racing breathes up to 750 hp into the V8 bi-turbo engine of the X6 M!
The quality of work that Manhart Racing provides is so high that even BMW professionals only recognize at the second look that a complettely different powerplant has taken the place of the original engine. The initial diagnostic capability of each vehicle remains. Furthermore Manhart Racing offers performance-boosting kits for all BMW models based on software optimization and bolt on parts. Another Manhart Racing core competence is the production and distribution of weight-optimized performance products, mostly in carbon fiber. The supply ranges from top-quality carbon parts as well as titanium/high-grade steel exhaust systems to fully adjustable suspension setups and perfectly fitted wheel/tyre combinations,and includes products for nearly all BMW model ranges
Our large tuning range includes products and parts for the 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and X, M and Z-series.

We have recently launched our Middle East operations in Dubai and we are serving all our international customers from there.

In case there are any questions or inquiries regarding our MHR Products please contact me on [email protected]

For more informations please visit : MANHART RACING GmbH & Co. KG - The true High Performance Cars or for daily updates please follow us on Facebook

Best regards
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