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Weird audio issues!

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Went for a blast couple of days ago and while i was in full attack down a bumpy descent near my house i lost audio on the passenger side of the car!
Now i put this down to a loose connection as it seemed to occur as i was going over a bumpy section at speed, however i stopped for a coffee and when i jumped back in and fired her up, the audio had returned and stayed.

Now yesterday on startup the audio was out again so i muted the audio and continued as normal although forgot half way through my journey and hit the mute button and guess what?! Full audio again!

Is this a common fault? I see that some folks lose audio completely owing to various component failure but what about loss on one side?

As i say its only just occurred and when i switched her off yesterday i had sound from all speakers so will do some more testing this week (find some bumps and see if i can break it basically) because i think it has to be a loose connection somewhere :confused3
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yes sounds like a loose connection. unless you pull your speaker out and check the connection, it'll be almost impossible to just fix.
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