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Weight savings

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Just as the title states. I just curious to see what you guys have done for shedding weight on our E60s. I know the obvious like hood, trunk, seats etc. But honestly I do not want to lose my stock seats and comfort options that I so much enjoy. I did that with my m3 and its time to ride a little more comfortably. I did a search but came up with a lot of E39 threads on this subject.

So I am wondering who all has done some mods to shave the lbs. Or what adjustments to the car have you guys done? ie. lighter battery etc.

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I have taken 266 lbs off of the beast which has made a huge difference.

My list is as follows:-
Seats (92 lbs)
Headers and cat back exhaust:-(70)
Brakes (50)
Cf Bonnet (30)
Wheels (24)

Then there is the light weight battery like you have stated, cf trunk and roof. The next step would be going radical with plexi windows, rear seats removal, adding cf fenders, and replacing parts with those of titanium material.

Hope i helped :M5rev:

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What did you do to the seats and brakes. Also, I have the Vorsteiner hood and they said their CF bonnet doesn't really offer any weight savings over the stock hood. Both are already light. What brand do you have?


Regarding the seats, they are corbeau TRS and weigh only 27lbs each... The brakes are brembo's 15 inch all around and are 50 lbs according to Brembo.

I took my hood weight from Dave's notes. Note there is the light weight battery which another low cost mod can be added.

OEM:47.7 lb; Vorsteiner GTR:28.6 lb; CA & E6: 17.6 lb.
Weight saving: 19.1-30.1 lb

Item / weight saving / finished cost:
cf hood / 19.1-30.1 lb (GTR, E6) / ~$2,000, ~$2,500
cf trunk lid / 21.1 lb (ViS or CA) /~$1000, ~$2,500
Recaro full function Topline seats / 62 lbs / ~$3,000 OR ultra lightweight seats / 92 lbs/~ $400
Ultra lightweight battery (Voltphreaks, assume 6.5 lb) / 55 lbs / ~$400
SS exhaust (incl headers) / 70 lbs / ~$7,000
Brembos / 48 lbs (similar for Stoptechs) / ~$9,000, ~$5,000
Lightweight wheels / 24 lbs ~$2,500
Lightweight flywheel (UUC clutch pkg) / 13.5 lbs / ~$2,600
Dump the usless tire goo / 6 lb / $0
Total weight loss: 318.7-358.2 lbs.
Ranger, is the listed weight loss of evosport the single or double sided cf bonnet ?
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