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Weight savings

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Just as the title states. I just curious to see what you guys have done for shedding weight on our E60s. I know the obvious like hood, trunk, seats etc. But honestly I do not want to lose my stock seats and comfort options that I so much enjoy. I did that with my m3 and its time to ride a little more comfortably. I did a search but came up with a lot of E39 threads on this subject.

So I am wondering who all has done some mods to shave the lbs. Or what adjustments to the car have you guys done? ie. lighter battery etc.

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My car weighs 4,160 lbs with a brand new full tank of gas and without me in the car. The car was weighed on a CAT certified scale The breakdown front to back is as follows:

Front = 2140
Rear = 2020
Total = 4160

This weight was measured this past Friday evening.


That's good to hear. Over a year ago there was quite the discussion on weight, and I weighed my car three times on truck scales, and came up with weights within 10 lbs. What I got on average was 4180 lbs with a full tank, stock tires/wheels and nothing else in the car. I would guess my car is the worst case since I have all the options, including a Blinder M40.

I don't know what the options weigh, but I'll bet the listed 4012 "curb weight' for the M5 is without any options. Sunroof, high end stereo, ventilated comfort seats, pdc, nav, rear side airbags, Sirius radio, heated rear seats, sunshades, and even full leather probably add the additional 170 lbs.
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