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Wear and Tear

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Now I have 7000 miles on my M5, I'm interested in learning from owners with higher mileages just how long their tires and brake pads lasted and whether they have had to have anything else replaced. Looking at my tires, I'd guess the back ones are good for 18-20K and the front ones for 25-30K.
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I have 19K now and the Dunlops seem to be still OK, front perfect and rear could last 10K. And i do not usually drive smoothly, i can assure you.
I'm happy with Dunlop's durability.
I change the 4 tyres at 23.000 KILOMETERS.

Of course the front tyres were not -aparently- to change, but in this kind of car you NEED to change the 4 at the same time. Otherwise the car becomes very nervous.

Before my actual M5 I had an Euro M3 (321 hp). I changed only rear tyres, and I only had to wait one day to discover that I SHOULD change the front ones.

It doesn´t worth to keep the front ones. What is an M5 if you can´t enjoy it completely.

Haven´t change disk brakes yet, (actually 31.000 Km). Seems that break pads will be change in next INSPECTION I, at about 35.000 Kms.

José L.
oh , I forgot to say that I also had Dunlop 8080E. The actuals now are again Dunlop.
The tires on my M5 still look great after 20,000 very quick miles. I must say that i am very surprised with these Dunlops because i had to change the ones on my 318is completly every 8,000 miles!
I hated them soooo much!
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Interesting, my old MRoadster shed a set of 8080's at 16000 miles with some MZ3 owners going through a set in less. After first set I canged to Yokohama AVS Sport's as I did not rate 8080's at all. Seemed to be common view of MZ3 owners, most opting to change for Bridgestone PO2's.

By the way, I picked up my M5 today, and it came with Michelins.
I had the Bridgestone S02 pole positions on my 540. I drive very agressively and got about 20K out of them. They were great tires though. Did very well in the rain and in the dry. My 00' M5 has the Dunlop 8080Es. I have less than 2000 miles on them. Car has not been in the rain...yet so I can't fully compare. AND I AGREE...change ALL FOUR at the same time.
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