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Found some water in the driver's side (uk car) boot compartment (where the battery would be on a non M5) and assumed that it would be the tail light.
I got the garden hose out and really blasted all around the rear light, but not a single drop of water got in!

Looking back inside the boot I noticed that there was lots of tiny grit (see pic) so I thought perhaps that the water was coming in from the road via the wheel arch. So I jacked the car up and removed the rear wheel and inner arch.

For the life of me I couldn't see any way in which road water/grit could get into the boot but whilst I was there I applied another 2 coats of waxoyl and sprayed some dynax s-50 into the sill.

It then started to piss down so I packed everything away and put some newspaper in and around the (now dry) compartment.

Just been back out and the newspaper is absolutely bone dry so it looks very likely that its getting in whilst the car is moving.

Has anyone had this and found a cure?

Thanks in advance


1 - 3 of 3 Posts