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Watch those blind spots!!!

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Hey guys. Without going into too much detail, I'd just like to pass along a bit of advice. This car MAKES you feel indestructible. You find yourself bracket racing on a daily basis. If you're a frequent lane changer (point and squirt), make sure you LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER! Don't trust the side mirrors. I damn near killed someone yesterday.
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i'll second that. my wife kept me from killing someone a month or so back. it's a big blind spot. i ALWAYS look over my shoulder now.

look twice, save a life -- as the hog-riders say.

I'll second that. Also a problem on my E34 I've adjusted to it over time.

Just take it easy, if you crash, you'll be out one fine automobile & mucho $$.

Last week I took a friend to lunch. Got onto the freeway, quick glance in the side view, and then jumped on it, over a lane and up to about 80 - THEN I saw the cop that was in my blind spot.

Doh! I was busted for sure. I slowed and he pulled along side - it was a city cop (not highway patrol) with two young passengers he was obviously taking to court. The three of them all looked at me, shaking their heads, acknowledging that I had just dodged a significant bullet.

Chagrined and embarrassed, I let them go ahead while I let the adrenaline subside.

Check over your shoulder - BOTH sides.
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I had to go to racing school to learn the correct way to position my rearview mirrors and will pass on the advice. For the driver's side mirror you should lean your head over to the window and angle the mirror so you can just barely see your left rear quarterpanel - it's then positioned farther "out" than you might otherwise set it. For the passenger side mirror, lean to the center of the front seat area and position mirror to just barely see the right rear quarter panel. The idea is that as objects disappear from view in your center rear view mirror they are just coming into view in the respective side view mirror. I double check the alignment by letting a vehicle come up and pass slowly on each side - although it is lots more fun to watch them disappear from view in the rear view mirror! Safe driving! Plan "B" - buy a small wide angle mirror and attach onto each rear view mirror- they are self adhesive and last years and they work.
Welcome Lou.

If you have'nt already, join the BMW CCA. Some of the best times I've ever had with my bimmers over the years (20 years as well) were at club sponsored events.

Enjoy the car!

'93 M5
'01 M5 (incoming)
I tried your driver side mirror idea (my right was already like that) and it takes a little while to get used to but I like it better this way. thanks.

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