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Been quietly looking at Tiago's detailing threads and since my car is at the paint shop i want to be ready to protect the paint from the word go.I cant find anything here so my best bet is Ebay and this is what i'm gonna order for the beast:


3 Grit Guards-$90(They wont ship buckets so i'll have to use the regular buckets here)
2 Wookie Mitts-$50
Meguiars Shampoo/Dodo Juice Born to be Mild-$70
Foaming Gun-$50(From Hong Kong)


2 Miracle Dryer towels-$50


Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur-$50

Wheel Washing

Dodo Juice Mellow Yellow-$50
Wheel brush set-$50

Tyre Dressing

Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel-$50

Wheel Sealant

Poorboys Wheel Sealant-$50

Glass Cleaning

Mark V Window Sheen-$50(500ml,they wont ship a gallon)

Glass Sealant

Carlack Glass Sealant-$50

Body Cleaning

Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay kit-$50

Body Wax

Zymol Concours wax with HD cleanse-$400

Body Sealant

Wolf Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Sealant-$200

Shine and Depth

Dodo Juice Red Mist-$50

Exhaust and Suspension

Meguiars NXT metal Polish-$20


Brush Set-$50
Meguiars APC-$125


NB:Prices include individual shipping for each item which is very expensive to my country.

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