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I bought my M5 private sale with no warranty. I was just wondering how many other people on the board are in the same position that I am. I hear people saying all the time, oh if I didn't have extended warranty I would not have bought the car. Should I be paying the few thousand dollars its costs to get an extended warranty on the car, or just set aside money to pay for expected repairs and wear and tear. I bought the car with 33,800 miles on it and its an 02.
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As I always say on this kind of thread, it depends on the mileage. I got mine with nearly 60k miles, so for $2400, a warranty was a good option. It nearly paid off for itself. I had a $2700 bill for repairs and maintenance within the first month of owning the car, but only $600 was out of my pocket (deductible of 100 bucks, 100 to inspect the car, and then some fluid flushes).

Your car is closing in on 40k, so I'd probably put the money aside and not touch it unless something goes wrong with the car. But you know, not every car is the same. M5s have been shown to have big $$$$ problems well before 60k, so mileage might vary.

I hate to bring up the "peace of mind" excuse (it's what the insurance companies thrive on to make money), but if it helps relax your sphincter, go for it.

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I got confidence plus' both diamong and emerald coverage. Bumper-to-bumper, 3 year / 36k miles warranty.

They cover a crapload of things except wear-and-tear items like clutch and brakes. They do cover the VANOS, though, and other common things on the M5 that tend to go (like bushings in the suspension). They also cover electrical, and they replaced my instrument cluster because of burned pixels (there were a few, but I could still manage to read.) They also covered leaky power steering lines.

My service advisor at the dealer said that they were great and approved everything right over the phone without any issues.

But if you'd like more options, do a search for extended warranties. There have been a few threads about it and it'll give you a better idea of what to look for, what to pay, and who to avoid.

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I got my 01 without warranty a month ago. Though It has 39k, I got warranty . 4 yr/50000 miles $2900 with payment plan. Like Diny said, it covers most of the parts. I am sure it will pay off. Some warranties has $50 deductible option like mine.

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I have both the BMW extended warranty and the BMW extended maintenance. My car now has 73,000 miles on it. Still under warranty (both).

Used the extended maintenance ONCE for an oil change. The end.

While it has given me some peace of mind (as Diny suggests), I am torn as to whether I should have spent the money. You can negotiate the price on the BMW warranties, by the way, for those who might be eligible, which is probably not anyone now.

I would feel it was a GOOD purchase, IF I TRUSTED THE DEALERS! Oh, well ...


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Here is my experiance :

I am a conservative person and like the idea of a warranty on a car where costs are really high. So, I bought a used car with CPO and then got an extended warranty as well.

under CPO (car is in shop today!) :

1. instrument cluster
2. Valve cover gasket left side
3. O2 sensor pre


1. valve cover gasket right side
2. O2 sensor post
3. Axle gasket or somthing
4. U join in driveshaft

not sure what this would total to, but probably not a small $#.

For warranty, i did a lot of research and here is my advice/reccomend :

1) Make sure the company has insurance backing v/s a risk retention group backing. If you want to know more on this topic do a goggle search

2) very few companies with insurane backing will insure the M5

3) get a bumper to bumper (exclusions only coverage). With so many parts in the M5 being "unique" its easy for warrranty companies to deny claims under specific part covergae warranties

4) i eneded going with Easycare. it met all these criteria.

they have been good so far. Covered ~ $1000 for a front wheel and tire damage.

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ditto on this. just bought an 06 M5 -
Continental Warranty - out of L.A., Cali... the underwriter is Great American insurance (cincy)
they got what is called Freedom PLUS.
So it is a list of items - rather than exclusionary listing like a few other companies.

Here is the FREEDOM PLUS coverage...
I am newbie, so please review the list and give me your expert edvice on the coverage..
is this good coverage?? or should i got with one of the exlusionary coverage warranty deal...
have not gotten a formal qoute yet...for 6yrs/100,000 miles

thank you

Air conditioner coverage

Compressor; compressor clutch and pulley assembly; condenser; evaporator; accumulator; orifice tube; suction control devices; thermostatic expansion valve; high and low pressure cut-off switches; pressure cycling switch; air conditioning power module and controller; air conditioning dash control unit/temperature control programmer; A/C lines; idler pulley and bearings; oil and refrigerant if needed in conjunction with the repair of a covered component; seals and gaskets.

Brakes coverage

Master cylinder; vacuum assist booster; hydraulic assist booster; disc brake caliper; wheel cylinders; compensating valve; brake hydraulic lines and fittings; ABS hydraulic control unit, electronic control processor, wheel speed sensors, hydraulic pump/motor assembly, pressure modulator valve, isolation dump valve and accumulator; seals and gaskets.

Cooling system coverage

Cooling fan motor, blade assembly and clutch; belt tensioner; thermostat; heater control valve.

Electrical coverage

Alternator; voltage regulator; horns; ignition coil; main wiring harness; ignition module and electronic control unit; powertrain control module; starter motor assembly; headlight switch; window switches; blower motor, power mirror motors; front and rear wiper motors; convertible top engagement switch and motor; cruise control module; power door lock actuators and solenoids; instrument cluster electronic driver information display module/power supply, gauges and speedometer head; power seat motor; sunroof motor; door lock switches; power window motor.

Engine coverage

Block, cases, housings, rotor housings, cylinder heads and all internal lubricated parts; manifolds; harmonic balancer; mounts; oil pans; turbocharger assemblies; supercharger assemblies; timing belts, tensioners and covers; valve cover(s); water pump; seals and gaskets; pistons; piston rings; connecting rods; wrist pins; crankshaft and main bearings; cam bearings; oil pump and pickup tube and screen; camshaft; crankshaft; balancer shaft.

Front and rear wheel drive coverage

Differential, final drive, drive axles, transaxle assembly and all internal lubricated parts; axel bearings; constant velocity joints; hub bearing; seals and gaskets; bearings; races; retainers; springs; sprags and clutches; gears and couplings; spacers and sleeves.
Front suspension coverage

Control arms; control arm bearings, bushings and shafts; torsion bars; torsion bar mounts and bushings; stabilizer bar; stabilizer links and bushings; radius arm; radius arm bushings; height sensor; mode switch; electronic level control compressor, limiter valves and sensors; spindles; wheel and suspension bearings.
Fuel system coverage

Fuel pumps; fuel distributor; fuel injectors; metal lines; fuel pressure regulator; fuel tank; fuel sending unit; diesel accessory vacuum pump; diesel fuel injection pump.
Steering coverage

Steering gear, steering rack and power steering pump assemblies and all internal lubricated parts; intermediate shaft; main shaft.

Transmission / transfercase coverage

Cases, housings and all internal lubricated parts; mounts; throttle valve cable; torque converter; flywheel; flexplate; front pump; oil pan; vacuum modulator; control units; seals and gaskets; bearings; races; retainers; springs; sprags and clutches; gears and couplings.
+ roadside assistance (general stuff)

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I bought my M5 2001 last month. Has 34k miles on it. I bought the TotalCare warranty from the Long Beach BMW dealer. They cover Vanos, Nav (since part of radio), bushings and many more. One of the things I found out is that TotalCare is APCO and Sonic owns lots of BMW dealerships. Here is some interesting information.

"Automobile Protection Corporation - APCO - Announces 3 Year Extension of Exclusive Agreement With Sonic Automotive, Inc.

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="649"> </table>​
<!-- #BeginEditable "release" -->
ATLANTA, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Automobile Protection Corporation
-- APCO (Nasdaq: APCO) announced that they have extended their exclusive
agreement with Sonic Automotive, Inc. (NYSE: SAH), whereby Sonic will offer
APCO's EasyCare(R) service contracts to purchasers of vehicles from Sonic's
franchised dealerships. Additionally, the agreement covers stores to be
acquired or opened in the future. APCO's wholly owned subsidiary, The Aegis
Group, Inc., will continue to broker insurance coverage for other aftermarket
products for Sonic, including GAP protection and vehicle theft protection.
Larry I. Dorfman, President/CEO of APCO stated: "The opportunity to be
involved with the best performing dealership consolidator is a perfect forum
for us to demonstrate how our products and services can benefit dealers and
their customers. As Sonic has grown, we have had the opportunity to help them
increase service contract penetration and profitability at each dealership,
while providing products which increase overall customer satisfaction. The
Sonic system really works and we are excited to be an integral part of it."
Mr. Dorfman also commented: "The Sonic relationship, along with the other
distinguished programs we have developed for Banc One Insurance Services
Corporation (The One Care), Manheim Auctions (Manheim EasyCare) and American
Honda Finance Corporation are evidence that our philosophy of providing the
highest level of quality and service in the industry is correct."

So looks like Sonic has some kind of vested interest in Easycare/Totalcare. Hopefully it's a good relationship.
I have not had to use the warranty yet. Beast is running great.

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I dislike giving my money to someone else, hoping they'll be good enough to give it back to me if I have to claim.

They're priced to make money. Warranty buyers collectively overpay, otherwise warranty companies don't make money.

My car was ~£7k cheaper buying privately than AUC with warranty and I've only had £900 of maintenance, when I would have spent £3,600 on warranty renewals.

If you don't buy a "dog", the warranty makes no sense to me.
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