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Warranty time additions.

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After I got my car back from Inspection I, I did something I normally don't do, I read over the paperwork very carefully to make sure they did what they were supposed to do. I usually just scan over it, but I was watching the Giants game, and they were loosing pretty bad (like they have been all season).

After reading over the stuff related to Inspection I, I turned the paper over and read the back (Giants trailing Kansas City by 7 in the bottom of the 7th. :crying: )

I read something interesting about the warranty. It said (If I read it correctly) that for each day your car is in the shop being worked on, the warranty is extended by one day. hmmm

Now, I'm guessing that means for warranty work, not Inspection I, Inspection II, or oil changes.

For me, that probably doesn't amount to much right now...a day here or there...

BUT, for some of you who have had your beasts at the stealership for extended periods of time, this could extend your warranty by quite a bit...

Is this right? Take a look at the back of one of your most recent service records and read the information on the warranty and tell me if you read it the same way hmmm

Oh, and the Giants $uck!
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