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Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hi as well as leave this 'wanted' ad here.

Wanted to put it out there on the local board that I'm looking to buy an E39 M5 that has not been in an accident. I'm in Ontario but if it's truly a car in mint condition I will make the trek out to a different province.

Also to give everyone a heads up - there are 2 M5's at Benchmark Automotive in Scarborough, both have been in an accident.

The silver one has a clean car proof however there are certain things that don't add up like a new rad support, painted fenders and also the M5 badges on both driver and passenger door trim were missing. Nobody changes those unnecessarily.

The carbon black one has had $1900 worth of work to its rear bumper on its car proof along with a lot of other blended parts (paint wise) the fenders seem to have been painted as well. The sales guy admitted he changed the front bumper but said it was due to stone chips, not sure if that's true or not.

Basically - STAY AWAY from both, unless you're ok with that and think you can haggle them to sell it for cheaper. Negotiate on the black one - the silver is on consignment and the owner is firm with his price.
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