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Hi guys,

Its been a while since I've posted on the boards but the mod bug has got me again and its time for some cosmetics.

Does anyone have any information regarding the exhaust opening size difference between the V1 and V2 rear diffuser from Vorsteiner. I currently have an Akrapovic exhaust system installed on my car and have been interested in purchasing the rear diffuser but Im looking for perfect fitments for the tips to the carbon fiber diffuser. If anyone has any information on the width of the openings on both models or if you have a V1 or V2 diffuser if you could please measure out the size of the opening in mm or to the best accuracy possible I would appreciate it.

Im trying to keep the car as clean as possible and don't want to have any gaps between the exhaust tips and the CF. For those that don't already know the difference between the two is that the V1 is meant for round tips where the V2 is meant for the oval Eisenmann or similar styled tips but the reason for my question is because the Akrapovic tips are actually much larger in diameter then the stock and some other aftermarket round tip designs and I'm hoping that the V2 wont be too large to keep the clean look.

Also Im not sure if it is still possible to purchase the V1 diffuser but if anyone has any information on where I can purchase either style even a replica would be great.

Thanks all

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