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Hin guys Just back from Germany after a few days of some good things a some bad things.

The bad was that the B7 had to be left due to engine problems and the good thing was . I drove the new M5....

I left Norway on Monday at 14.00 and drove down to Munchen, thrue Sweden , Denmark and arrived in Germany 04.30 the next morning.
1700 km, 2.5 hours on boat ( boat trip and waiting)
Avarage fuel consumtion 12,5ltr/100 km, and only 2 mm reduction on the oilpin. Not to shabby.
4 bottles of REDBULL ( to the driver to keep me awake)
I had to drive slowly due to engine problems and did not go flat out 1 single time. Max speed 200 kph...

I had made an appointement to visit BMW M in Garching and I was really exited. The first thing I saw when I arrived was the M6 taking of ... fast.... the sound at high rpm was really impressive.

I meet up with a guy from the marketing departement ( BTW you have meet this guy several times Gustav )

Anyway , we started to look at the M Studio, where they had several INDIVIDUEL car as well as M5 and M6. One of the M6 was so beutifull, it had some of the the new black colours with a brownish like interior. Absoloutly stunning...... BTW he told me the 6 speed manual for the US marked was NOT officially decided.

After we went to the place where they have several older individal cars, like 3 different 7 series E32, E38IL and a E38 long version designed and owned by Karl Lagerfeldt. Not my kind of taste.....

A beutifull red M1 was also there, unfortunalty the M1 is so small inside I did not fit.....

After an hour of talking and discussing the cars, we started to look for the M5 we was going to have some fun with. I asked if it was possible to also drive the M6....... The answer was ," we have only 1 and that is NOT yet broken in so that is not really possible". After I promissed that we could drive very slowly :D he went to see if the car was available. YIPPI..... Unfortunatly the car was at the moment used by one of the managers, he had to go to a meeting in a hurry and what car is then better to drive than the M6 :thumbsup:

I was not to disapointed, the M5 would do just fine......

He started up and drove away. The first thing I noticed was how smoth the car was in P400 mode and most comfortable auto settings. It was just gliding along..... After some minutes of driving where the engine had gotten up to temp we went into P500 Sport mode . :haha: Red light, , :M5rev: green light, full throttle and off we went, 1-2-3-4-5 and before I knew it the needle indicated 220 kph. It was impressive.

The gearchange was not as brutal as I expected, we used the S5 mode. It was fast as hell but much smother than though it would be.

The downshift was probably the most fun part, I was laughing out loud everytime he braked hard and downshifted, the blips on the throttle was perfectly executed every time and was amazing.......

We then took off on some twisty country roads, and the guy did not go for a economy ride, nope..... I wonder if the BMW guys have some secret deal with the German police in that area.....

Then all of a sudden he stoped the car and told me he was going to demonstrate the LC start... :eek: S6 mode, all babysitter gadgetts off, full throttle and BOM if we went..... I would want to se the driver that is able to do that any better.

The first tenth of a sec I was not that impressed, and then all hell broke loose, just a little bit of wheelspin and a hell of a pull. Second gear was engaged with a BANG, ops that was brutal as hell, 3rd gear BOM equally brutal. The fun thing was the gear box was changing gears automatically........ Anyway S6 would be to brutal for anything else than a race where the tenths of second count.....

After a few minutes the moment I had been waiting for had come. My turn to take the drives seat.... I was asked if I had my driver licens...... , I said yes and off we went.

I took it easy, selected automode and was just crusing for a while to get the feeling of the car, after a few minutes of very carefull driving until he commented, " you are in automode and P400 :confused: " OK I thougt, no more off that, hit the Fun button, made sure I was in S5 and with all power available.
3rd gear and I hit it into a long S-curve, oh yeah this car pulls, I did not go fast enough to fell any understeer/oversteer ( YET) but the car fellt very stabel and much lighter than the 1900 kg should indicate. I slowly increased the level of attack and in a slow 2 gear corner I fellt a hesitation from the car, it was the DSC babysitter that was comming into play.... I had my finger on the button to switch off, but decided that it was probably smartes to keep it on..... It was not the time to do powersliding in a car I had only driven 30 km with......

Anyway on the way back I pushed the car to what I found within the limits but fast enough for my co-driver to hold on hiha. Full throotle, 2nd 3rd and hard on the brakes downshifting with the blips from the throttle and then full throttle over and over again... It was so fun I was grinning all over my face and actually laughing out loud several times. My Co-driver did to so he must have been enjoying himselves also..

I asked him if he ever got nervours driving with complete stranger in such a car, some without any experience with such cars. He admited that it was not always fun, but most of the time it was OK......

After what felt like 2 minutes we was back at BMW and I had to deliver the keys back... :sad3: :grrrrr: I think to test drive lasted for 30-45 minuts and I can not remember the last time I had this much fun.

I cant think of any car I would want more than this..... mmmmmm

I was not exactly looking forward to drive the B7 back after this, its not a fair comparison.........

It would have been fun to do a comparison of the B7 vs the M5 from 100 mph.
The strange thing is that the pull I feel in the B7 in 4th gear around that speed felt more powerfull than in the M5, that is offcourse not the case, but it stills feel like it. Must be the a Turbo/torque kind of thing.....
The M5 is much faster than it feels and the B7 is maybe not as fast as it feels........

A perfect day ended bad when I came back to pick of the B7 and found out it would not start......, so I had to

I will make a post on the ALPINA board, I need some help on parts.... So if anyone in the Muchen area has a B7 I would be happy if He or She could PM me.....

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Nice writeup Erik! Seems like you have the same experience s me; the car is unbeleivable fast from over 200 km/h to 250 km/h.

Can't beleive you did not take pictures but I know the situation: focus on the car and not the pics, it so much fun to drive :) So can you imagine the annoing thing to take this many pics as we did over the weekend in the M5 weekend report :)

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Erik, I really enjoyed reading about your M visit. Thanks for a great recap of your day. Sorry to hear about your B7. Hope everything works out.

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Nice write up Erik :viking:
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