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Video: G55 AMG Kompressor

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Tested by Top Gear. Crazy car ??????
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Does anyone have any thoughts on personal ownership experience with the G55, in particular the 2005 which gets the Kompressor engine. The earlier 55's had just a normally aspirated engine with 349 bhp rather than the 469 bhp for '05. I'd imagine there'd be more comments on the norm asp pre-'05 G55 and those are welcomed, too, of course.

I believe the US is only getting 250 G55K's this year but they are beginning to show up in the used marketplace. For '05, the 55 also gets softer springs than previous 55's to make the ride a bit more liveable day to day. The G has solid axles, old-style MB switches, etc., but looks fantastic and just seems kind of fun. But what it's like to live with might be a different story. It would be a second car, used primarily as a bad weather car and for weekend trips, but sometimes get used in a daily driver type of capacity (office commute, errands, etc.).

Looking for G55 experiences, opinions, etc. that come from ownership rather than short test drives or magazine write-ups; that's all.

Thank you,
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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