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Interesting post; I don’t know if your market in NYC is dramatically different than New England, but I think the days of feverish demand for an M5are over, at least for now... Based on the direction things are heading in for this car, I bet you'll see more F10Ms on showroom floors than heading out the door. E39s had the gotta-have-it-now appeal, and the E60 was riding those coat tails prior to launch, but since then I just don’t see it happening. BMW M has sold out for market share, maximized profitability and tightening emissions requirements. I think previous gen M cars were a product of the road less traveled, and customers appreciated it. These days most of the touches that made and M car truly unique are gone. Might as well put an AMG or S badge on, and ship it…No matter what, best of luck with the transaction!

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