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This is actually occurring on my M6 GC but given the similarities between the F10 M5 and my gen M6 (plus there being more traffic in this forum), I figured I'd give it a shot here.

Driving into the office this morning, I noticed some vertical play in steering wheel:

I've driven this car for a week straight as the others are being worked on, and I'm 99% sure I would have noticed or felt this. The only thing I've worked on recently (days ago, Saturday) was when I swapped an AVIN headunit into the car. I'm guessing I could have mistakenly yanked on the steering wheel somehow while working on the headunit/sitting in the driver seat but again, I hadn't noticed the play in the steering wheel after then and before today.

Has anyone heard of or seen anything like this before? BTW, the switch to control the height/tilt/telescoping of the wheel itself works fine as does the adjusting - it's just the vertical movement in the steering wheel that's noticeable if I pull on it hard enough.
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