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Venom --->>> M5 Turbo from Poland

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After my post in Picture thread two users asked me via PM about my car's performances. Therefore I post here three diagrams which speak for themselves :) We can open a discussion.

A complete story of the car is in polish, but there are a lot of photos if someone likes :)
Venom --->>> M5 Turbo

There is only one movie but probably I'll do a new one :)

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I recommend to those concerned,, go through the thread Venom posted on the Polish forum,, use google translate and if you are a true enthusiastic ,, the bat in your trousers will be so hard,, that your other half will be pissed because she think you are watching some adult stuff,,

MEGA respect to all kinds of detailed finish,, and look at the numbers,,

driving down A7 on Sunday morning and the Bull and the Stallion ,, the Italian cousins wanna show you who is the BOSS,,,,,,,, but instead
the will be humiliated,, so big,, that they think twice before they will try again vs E34

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Great read.
Got to love Google Translate though:

"A powerful hole in the exhaust system, farts unmercifully."

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