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Guys, I need some info on the "pre-pump" vanos fix. Last week, my service advisor called the BMW tech hot lines inquiring about the vanos fix. The BMW techs told him the only fix available was the "shaft" fix. Isn't that the old fix that was released several months ago? If I remeber correctly, that fix didn't work. The vanos noise would come back after some period of time.

Is the "pre-pump" fix the latest and the greatest fix?

Any U.S. M5 owners have the fix done on their cars yet? If yes, which dealer did you go to?

What is the correct BMW p/n? I searched the archives and have seen (4 781 417 -1x) and (11 36 4 781 417) but it seems both are not recognized by U.S. dealers.

Old Vanos noise fix posts:

'00 silverstone M5
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