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Hello everyone.

Today I had an oppertunity to inspect my cars VANOS status for free.

I do not recall the name of the tool that the shop used to perform this test , however they opened my hood and plugged a connector to a

small port netx to the oil filler cap.

And once my cars oil and coolant temp reached the required temp the software performed the test. My car was reving its engine with out

me. As if it was a car from a Knight Rider.

Any how after the inspection, there was an error message indicating Bank 1 VANOS is off the operating tollerance.

The mechanic I met today , told me not to worry about it, as long as the car pulls strong, I could ignor it.

But since I never experienced a perfect conditioned M5 , what shall I do about this error message ??? Fix it or just ignor it??

As far as I can tell , my car revs quite smoothly and strongly all the way up to 6000 RPM range in 3rd gear or 4th gear .

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you .
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