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Valve Cover Gasket...leaks again !!

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I am not sure how to handle this problem, or if it is a one off. I had my valve cover gaskets replaced back in Feb. of this year becuase of a leak, but not under the CPO. The other day I tried to start the car and I was suprised that it was not turning over. Talked to roadside and they told me to have it towed to the dealership. It turned out to be the alternator that was dead as a result of oil leaking from the valve cover. BMW said they would replace the gasket and there would be no charge. That being said, how do I know that this is not going to happen again and the gasket will last more than 6 months. Is it technician error ? Do I have a warped cover ? Should I be asking BMW to do anything special or prove anything ? Keep in mind that I had to pay for the gasket replacement last time because it was not covered under the CPO. My vehicle comes off of CPO in 20,000 KM.

Any advice would be helpful


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