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555HP not enough? Of course not!

Prepare for the quickest, easiest, safest way to maximum power on the latest of BMWs brilliant powerplants. Our Intelligent Turbo Control Module series is ready to upgrade your BMW!
As always we strive for a simple install with world class results: No wire cutting. No permanent mods. Invisible to ECU/dealer. Industry leading power gains. Easiest to use, and great value. Once again, we have done it!

Your 4.4-liter, 32-valve, M TwinPower Turbo engine is a tremendous achievement in engineering. This well designed and managed engine leaves room on the table for decisive and reliable gains to its output.
Applicable to the Turbocharged X5M & X6M this 'Plug-and-Play' upgrade will leave you smiling and do so at a price you can afford...
Compact control units for each bank offer an easy to use solution, that installs in less than an hour.
These modules have been used on every current turbocharged model and ECU software from BMW and even others. We have track tested these modules at full power for lap after lap with no issues whatsoever. With a built engine and upgraded turbos they have been used to reach 860HP thus far!
Simply by plugging in our module to your standard, otherwise un-modded car, you can expect gains of

  • We have the following goals for our complete ITCM series:
  • It is easy:... to install, easy to move, or easy to remove from the vehicle; even by the novice... Each solution is plug-and-play and by far the best easy of use/ to performance ratio available. Ready to install out of the box; no laptop, map switching or programming required. It can be installed and removed as many times as you wish, on any compatible BMW model without ill effects. We Include a 'bypass valet key' component that lets you disable and remove the ITCM from your X5/X6 M in about 10 seconds so no one can access the Intelligent Control Module, or steal the units.
  • It will not require: "check engine" lights or trouble codes, no flashes, no ECU removal. No permanent modifications. NO PROBLEMS!
    No traces of the ITCM are left behind provided for the dealer to see. Thermal management, fuel management, and over-boost control make worries almost non-existent. It goes above and beyond with no issues.
  • It is be elegant: Compact, look at home installed, yet rugged enough for the toughest the road and track can dish out. We include a OEM grade harness, and the unit is enclosed in an extruded aluminum vibration damped case. It can also be hidden to go completely under the radar when you open the hood. This piggyback was specifically designed in both hardware and software development phases to work with the OEM ECU not aggressively against it as some others. No one would know BMW did not sell this car off the show room floor other than the obscene power level your Sports Activity Bimmer will now deliver.
  • It is upgradeable:the ITCM can be reprogrammed in the event of dealer lockout in the future. Mods like bigger turbos or oversize turbo-back exhaust systems and larger intercoolers, Meth injection, etc. are all compatible with the ITCM.
    ALSO... If you move on to a different model turbo BMW as they come out, you can take this module with you! Just a new harness and re-flash and your ready! NO others can do this.
  • It performs!!!: Torque and power is stratospheric! Delivery is linear and controllable yet has ferocious off the line and highway acceleration. Driveability is completely uncompromised.
  • Includes:
  • Intelligent Control Modules
  • Quick Plug and Play "2-wire" Wire Harness's
  • Instructions
  • Features:
    • Fast install
    • Free software upgrades
    • Fully reversible & undetectable
    • Safe, reliable gains
    • Satisfaction assured, don't like it? Send it back for a refund within 30 days!
Mounted easily, out of sight, controlling both turbo boost pressure as well as fuel delivery for ultimate exhilarating rush of power. Ready to install out of the box. The VAC Turbo Control Module is the intelligent module of choice for performance, safety, and reliability.

Q: What if BMW changes the ECU, or a new feature comes out? Or if I sell the car?
A: We want to offer what no others can. We support our "Intelligent Controller" products 100% and allow you to upgrade to the latest new features for free! In the case of an upgrade, such a s a new feature very minimal money as you only pay for the hardware if necessary. In this example, if you were to purchase this unit now and we come up with a new feature like a switch to change a function, we would upgrade the firmware for free and only charge you for the additional hardware required to do that. This way you get all the benefits of the new features without having to spend a bunch of money! ALSO, if you get a diferent BMW, like a 335d, or M5.. or even new Turbo M3 (everyone knows thats next). We will be able to offer you a super quick option of a new harness & software reprogram, and now your ITCM works on your new car! The ITCM is very flexible and will be upgraded over the years.
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