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I would like to know what BMW did to the standard StarTAC dual-mode
cell phone when creating their CPT 7000 phone system.

I had my dealer install the new BMW Digital CPT 7000 phone system in my 00 M5. It
comes with a "standard" Motorola StarTAC dual-mode (analog/CDMA)
handset (you use it as a standard handheld cell phone when out of the
car, and you plug it into the system when in the car). It's all very
nice, especially since the car computer downloads the phonebook, which
you can then use for hands-free dialing via buttons on the

One can buy additional handsets from BMW ($400) so that all drivers
can just plug in their cell phones. Most stores sell what appears to
be the same phone for $250. More important, we already have a second
phone (pre-dates the car) and we would like to use it in the car.

When we plug it in, the system doesn't recognize it. So it appears
that there's some type of special programming. I'm guessing that it's
just an ID code or something, as it wouldn't make a lot of sense to
create special software (unless perhaps the phonebook download is
entirely unique to BMW).

I would appreciate any info/advice.



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JS: See page 44 of the CPT 7000 owners manual: Primary and Secondary Phones. I was told that a conventional dual mode StarTac would work but you have to type in FCN 0,9,5,STO then FCN 0,9,5 CLR. This will allow the OBM to recognize the phone. I have NOT tried this yet. Everyone is asking the same thing (see previous posts). I was also told by Verizon that the BMW phone was identical to the standard issue 77xx series phone currently being offered by wireless companies. As your dealer suggested, BMW may have done another unforgivable thing and made their system proprietary. They are getting an extra $200 for their phone as you mentioned. This is all I know at the moment.
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