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I just did some PM on my car and replaced the fan clutch and coolant tank. Not because they were broken, just for piece of mind. If your car has an issue with either of these and you want a low cost replacement, I will sell them each for $15 plus shipping. If you buy both, $25 plus shipping. New clutch is $125 or more and coolant tank is $95.

I also have a new lower sending unit for the coolant tank. Didn't realize the new tank I bought came with it already so I have an extra. It is $20 brand new, I will throw it in for $14 to whoever buys the coolant tank. The old one still worked fine but why not put a new one in.

Not looking to make a bunch of money but these items are both still usable or I would not offer them up. Just hate to throw them out or trip over them constantly in my garage if someone can "upgrade" what they have. I know clutches go bad and tanks get brittle.

This car came from California, just FYI. Only been in Michigan for 6 weeks.

If you want pics or have questions, let me know.

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