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us spec part compatibilty on euro car

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Hi fellas,

My tail lights(outer part) on my euro 3,6 are badly cracked, so I need new ones. I live in the french Canada (Québec), and all the tail lights I'm able to find on the market are or were on us spec cars. I also checked on and US and Euro tail lights have different part numbers (us last numbers are 11-12 and euro are 09-10). Since euro spec e34's are more evoluted on lights technology, it will be very useful to know if both tails are different before I buy some of the N-A market.

Ps: My car is sleeping during this winter so I will have it back on first may. I m also looking for the oem and amber tails.


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US spec cars do not have rear fog lamps fitted.
I do believe there is a 'knock out' in the lamp housing, as there are numerous write - up's to retro fit them.

BUT, aren't the fogs on the inner lens (in the trunk lid)? if so, that would be of no concern to the OP.

I would bet the other main difference is the "US DOT" markings on the lens of a US spec car.

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Thank you guys for your answers, actually the lenses on the trunk are in perfect shape. They are not the problem. I already know the euro are differents because of the rear fogs option. My question was regarding the outer lenses and It was clearly answered! thanks!
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