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Upgraded to M-audio Subs - but I have a problem with high's cutting now

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So removed the Nokia box and installed some M-Audio Subs - base response it great (considering the Nokia box was never even connected - that sounded ok as well once I plugged in the wiring harness).

Problem - at any volume > than about 1/4 the mids and highs are cutting off on the doors and rear deck speakers. . .my guess is that is the reason the Nokia box was originally unplugged. So perhaps the DSP amp is having some problems driving the new subs AND the rest of the premium audio speakers????

I played around with the dsp - cranked down the lows (left 3 bars) to ZERO and set the bass tone to lowest setting as well. . .seems to help a little but still get the high clip????

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well - I think I found what the problem was. . .

Went back out to do some testing and started her up - problem GONE. My guess us that the battery had limited power store left and I was listening (for a while) on ACC (not started). I neglected to state in the original post that, at first, it was fine then started the high clip after about 30min.

I'm going forward with that being the issue unless it happens again.

Thanks for reading!

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Glad it got resolved.
I also got a set of M-Audio subs that I have yet to install.
How was the installation process? Very straight forward? I have seen the deck removal process on youtube and have all the tools needed so im assuming its an easy task (if it is even needed to be removed for the installation). Just a little time consuming.
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