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Hello members!

I updated the software so it works better than before. But when we started the gallery I did not sort the pictures fo E39 M5 at firstby colour. This is great if that could be done. I do this now, but I havent doen it on the first pictures.

The below category is not sorted by colour.

However I can let certain members that would like to help and sort them out get the power to move pictures form this category to the correct colour E39 sub-category.

Any volounteers :haha: ?

A fast glance reveals that it is roughly 1720 pictures in the E39 category in total and around 1000 of them are sorted by colour. Soo, that leves around 700 unsorted. Should we make a joint effort to clean that Gallery category up and sort out the pictures?

Also, please post away any feedback you might have. A closer and better integration between the forum and the software is on it's way.
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