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Several weeks ago I posted a note to see if anyone had tried using speedtuning performance tuning for the M5. As no one had, I did some checking, contacted a few people who had it done on their car and since the company was local for me, I opted for it. Price was $399. The claim was for 24 extra HP and 22 ft/lb torque, They also remapped the throttle.

Yes, I was very skeptical of these numbers as the M5 is already tuned pretty well from the factory and I have purchased a Dinan chip for an 86 635, had the Dinan dealer reprogram a 1.9 Z3 and bought the conforti shark injector for my 99 e36 M3. I had never really noticed much from these.

Also, normally it will take the car's computer about 200-300 miles to adjust to the programming.

The results have been very good. I have noticed much better throttle response. Normally when I would be "testing" the car, I would nail it down the road and hit 100MP by the time I hit 6th gear. With the remapping, I hit 120 mph in the same time frame:M5launch: . While none of this is scientific, it has been my experience. Another thing I have noticed is that with the old tuning, I also experience the occassional jerking of the car, if I was changing gears from 1 -2 at very slow speeds with little gas being applied. Several other board members have also mentioned this problem. With the remapping, I do not experience this anymore.

The car now feels like it does have more power. When not using sport mode, the car feels more powerful, but in sport mode, you can really feel some difference.

As I said this is unscientific and I have had no dyno's done to the car, but overall this is the first time that I feel that either changing the chip (like the 635) or reprogamming the ECU (Z3, M3 and M5), I actually have gotten my money's worth. Overall I am very pleased.

Contact me if you want additional information
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