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Universal joint drive shaft flex disc

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Just had the universal joint drive shaft flex disc replaced. 5.2 hours of labor!Anyone have this done, and if so, why?
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this is a rubber-compound connection between the drive shaft and diff

like anything rubber, it deteriorates with heat, time, ozone, torque cycles, etc.

unfortunately you have to pull the exhaust to get at it (like just about everything else under the car)

had mine done recently at 45k -- it didn't look nice
Sorry to revive an old thread.

But.. the dealer called me and said that my needs a replacement. They estimated about 3 hours of labor + price for the part. Total to be around ~$5-600.

What do you guys think?
This is probably an easy job for an indy shop.

should save some $$$.

This is called the guibo joint
i've been quoted $330 for parts and labor from my indy.
umm.. so $tealer price basically I got.

Anyone know a shop near Santa Barbara??
Just had mine done along with diff. seal, pinon seal, bushings, etc..... total labor and parts (for everything) was about 1200. The giubo is known to wear out.....
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