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Boys with their toys..............

Hi Guys,
Since you guys are discussing this topic, I'll give you gents a heads up (clue in) regarding scanners and the general public being in possesion of them. As of JAN. 2003, many law enforcement agencies, local, county, state police will be switching from analog frequency radio waves and going to DIGITAL SIGNAL/FOTMAT! Yes, that right, DIGITAL.
There are two main reasons for this,
1. Digital can support so many more channels than analog, thus giving police the needed extra channels, that analog just cannot provide and is almost always over taxed when used.
2. Its a known fact that professional criminals, use the (currently available) scanners to monitor the whereabouts of police, when commiting an offense/crime. This at times gives the criminal an edge over the police to elude the law. Well, now that digital scanners are being introduced and analog scanners are slowly being phased out, the crooks will be sheeet out of luck. LOL........
Many honest people such as citizens who monitor the air waves as a hobby, the press/media and other groups are extremly upset over this decesion, to switch from analog to digital systems. The mentioned groups/people will no longer be able to hear/monitor the police, including the bad guys. LOL....
So guys, enjoy it while you can, soon it will be a memory, because you won't be able to monitor law enforcement's digital frequencies. hiha :hihi:
Any other specific questions, get in touch. Thanks.
PS This transition will not happen over night due several factors, but it is estimated that within a 3 year period, 70 percent or better will have made the switch within the country.
I still have my BCT-12 and it's functional, it doesn't track signal strength of transmissions anymore as I suppose the digital transition has made that function obsolete. I bought mine in the late 90s for 279$. It's still great for monitoring voice transmissions in the U.S. and Canada and with the XX feature it will monitor frequencies on all capable bands anywhere in the world.
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