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On my 540i e39 when i got my Supercharger , i had option to go ether VF or something else . So after looking around , i found this piggyback that work almost same as stand alone ECU . By price its was best choice . (module 350$, harness if you dont wanna cut your original wires--another 275$ i think, professional software-- again if you wanna play 100% with ---was another something like 200$ ) total was around 900$ canadian with all this . we talk about 5 years ago.

From my experiance cuz i m not really pro for tune by my self, i give this to pro person who did my tune on dyno . i was really satisfied .

So my question is : dose anyone ever tryed this before on m5 e60?

i still have my piggyback from 540i and i feel like to try on m5 e60 with exhaust update etc around winter. . For sure its gonna be dyno tune. if you guys gonna be interesting to see result , let me know that i update this .

Basicly you have a option on like 20 differant maps that you can switch any time by switch or by laptop , you have a software that allow you to control and play pretty much with everything + graphics . and you get PDF file for 700 pages to read and learn how to tune your car profesionally with all explanations what you doing . Cuz of copy rights i m not allow to post anything about manual but here is the link if someone might be interesting .

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