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Unable to park on a hill

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Hey Everyone,

I just got my car back from the shop yesterday (02 M5) because the clutch pedal was making a squeaking noise. (Evidently this is somewhat normal for clutches and pressure plates that have mechanical springs, according to the dealership's 'master technician.') They bled the clutch just to make sure there was no problem, and the car drives beautifully, albiet still with a squeaky pedal noise.

Anyhow, I was parallel parking on Shoreline Drive in Malibu, which is a somewhat steep hill. I turned the wheels to the left, pulled the e-brake, put the trans in third, turned the car off, and tried to get out. But to my surprise the car started inching backward. I thought that to be odd, so I got back in the car, turned it on, set the wheels straight, put it in a different gear (I ended up trying all of them), turned the car off, did not set the brake, and sat there in amazement as the vehicle slightly paused, before starting to move backward. So bascially the car was off, in gear, clutch pedal out, on this hill and would not sit stationary.

Needless to say I didn't park there. I called the dealership and my service advisor was dumbfounded as to what could be happening. He said they did not remove the trans/anything to bleed the clutch, but they DID remove it when they replaced the clutch back in May of this year.

It's conceivable that I haven't parked on a hill that steep since May, but I doubt it. The car rolls when it obviously shouldn't.

Is there anything that could explain this situation? The car drives and operates perfectly. 21,000 miles on the clock.

Thanks for any thoughts or advise you can provide!

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Sounds like a slipping clutch and/or leaky valves and/or leaky piston rings.
I´d ask the dealer to check engine compression to rule out a valve or piston ring problem.

Does the clutch slip when shifting hard?

Besides your e-brake needs adjusting (very common on all E39 BMWs) and possibly new pads.


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I had the same problem with my Toyota several years ago. I took it to Carlson Toyota in **** Rapids, MN to replace my clutch. The guy did not screw in a nut on my wheel and I drove around several days wondering why my car spuddered as if the wheels were wobbling. I complained and requested them to have someone else do the entire work over again because if a guy can't screw in my wheels, then I can't trust him to have fixed my clutch. They were pissed and screwed my clutch without my knowledge; a year later and about 20k miles, my clutch slipped and my car wouldn't lock on a hill, like yours. I had the clutch replaced and fixed last summer.

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Crisis averted, evidently the hill was steeper than I thought, because my friend's 911 did the same thing. I've subsequently parked on less steep hills and the car holds find. Thanks for your comments and opinions!
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