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Hello All

As usual I am sorry if this has been mentioned in a previous post. I did a search but could not locate it.

Back in 2006 I ordered an HID 6000k upgrade kit for my 2002 M5 from Umnitza. Headlights, Fogs, and Angel Eyes. Very good quality and I have no complaints. I remember experiencing an issue with the Angel Eye Igniter and I was able to purchase one from Umnitza. A year or two (or three) the other igniter went bad and I tried to purchase a new one. I spoke with someone at Umnitza who told me I could not purchase the igniters anymore because they had upgraded them. He then told me I would have to purchase a brand new set. I didn't purchase it at that time and took them out replacing the stock bulbs. The bulbs are still good and I have one working igniter. I recently saw another BMW with the HID upgraded angel eyes and decided that I wanted to put them back in. I starting investigating the igniter and took it apart. They are sealed so I used a hammer to break up the sealing agent. That didn't go well. My question is, does anyone know the components inside the igniter?? It seems like it would be something easy to make and you could get the parts from Radio Shack... I emailed Umnitza to see what they say but I have a feeling they are going to tell me to buy a hole new set again. Trying to see if I could salvage what I have already.

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