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Matt at Umnitza apparently was offended that I moved this, AND that it was under my name.

I offered to let him post it- start a new thread and I'd move this all over for him.

he refused.

So he is free to repost whatever he wants here in this forum.

I'll lock this and delete the photos so he can post whatever he wants on his own.

here are recent reviews of our paint quality (literally since we switched painters on March 3rd):
Big Rick said:
Okay... I just got in my bumper...
The paintwork is a close match... I'll know tomorrow when I mount it. The paintwork itself is actually surprisingly good!
I put the Umnitza Mtech II bumper on my 2004 XI. I had to buy new BMW brackets that were inexpensive, but the brake ducts were an expensive surprise. I had to cut away a plastic bracket where the wheel well meets the headlights, but the fit was good. I ordered it prepainted and the paint matched perfectly. Overall, an easy chore.
Here's the result:

Customer replies:
[quote=TallSkinnyMatt]So I installed my rear mtech bumper... and had a perfect fit. I'm not sure what happened with anyone else who tried installing them, but mine fit perfectly. Had a little issue with the plastic from the diffuser getting in the way of the big bolts, but I just shaved off a little bit of that plastic on the inside of the bumper, and that was it. Excellent product![/quote]

[quote=TallSkinnyMatt]Today I stopped by Umnitza to pick up an M-Tech rear bumper for my 330ci. Called them up before and they said they had it in stock. When I got there they had great customer service. Quickly put my order in and got my bumper loaded into the car. Very nice people. Knew exactly what needed to be done, unlike previous stores i've been at. I am very happy with their service and highly recommend them![/quote][quote=E46Moonlight]I've had my ümnitza for over 3 years now. No problems what so ever! No fitment issues either. It's all in the installation do it right or take it to a good shop and it will fit like a glove.[/quote][quote=SK8URDEAD]i purchashed a full MTech II kit from them over a year ago for a great price. beat everyone else's and got it painted the following week and mounted. No Complaints from myself but here are some pics to see my car with their kit.

(ewww nasty old rims...)
[/quote][quote=RaVeON0319]Perfect fit with my mtech 2 kit from Umnitza![/quote][quote=jcallanan]I bought the M3 replica and the fit is perfect, [/quote]

[QUOTE="bmdubbayoo, post: 0"]guys, i went this route and would not hesitate to do it again...matt was very helpful over the phone and was accurate with his etas on delivery...bumper was packaged extremely well and paint match was spot on...
I bought an m-tech ii bumper for my mom since she destroyed her oem on a parking block...
thanks for an economical solution umnitza...[/quote]

[quote=vlad_b]I just got a car from the shop after installing Umnitza front bumper and side skirts. First of all - thank you Umnitza - there were no major fitment issues. Looks clean as you can tell from the picture.

OEM M-tech rear bumper is next. Hope i can find one sooner

Let me know what you guys think. Not professional pictures of course, just took it with a pocket camera.
08white said:
Mtech front and side just got installed today, pictures was taken right after bodyshop, will need a wash soon
i know, i will need a set of wheels and a drop next, but due to budget, one step at a time

kit was from umnitza(thanks), fitment is good, but the headlight washer piece under the cover didnt fit, need to cut and shave, bodyshop did some work to get it worked
any ideas and opinions are welcome
E60 Bimmer said:
I finally had time to take some pics of my car with the umnitza mtech front and side skirts. I picked up the front and sides from umnitza last thursday and after a long night on friday, I finished painting it. The quality of the bumper and sides where great and the fitment was perfect. The rear is coming next with a acs rear diffuser, havent had time to get to that yet. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome.
chrisxiv said:
I finally got the M-tech kit painted and installed and after it's been sitting in the garage for months!
I added the M5tech replica front with fogs from Umnitza, the sideskirts and OEM mtech Rear with matte black diffuser.
BGbala said:
BGbala said:
Ordered. Thanks Umnitza
ConviktColby said:
I went to my paint guy and dropped my body kit off on monday.
he painted all four pieces for me for 400$.
I spent about 7-8 hours installing the whole kit by myself.
And I had no idea what I was doing.
with a little help from a few DIY guides on here (thanks BTW)
I got it all done :hyper:
ConviktColby said:
Thanks man . I was kinda freaked out at first but its real easy. Its an Umnitza m5 kit
Finally got it painted and installed. Perfect fit!!! Umnitza, my props to you and your product. it fit perfectly and looks great!! its been turning more heads already.

umnitza said:
Bezzletine said:
Got my umnitza goods on and I love it. Fitment was awesome. Just put my coilovers on and will be taking better pics soon. Thanks guys!

gurp99 said:
just got my front and rear (single diffuser w/pdc) bumpers painted and installed. (i got the sides from a local dealer). gotta admit, the fitment is pretty good! I will take picture later and post

thanks guys @ umnitza
Mrsosoo said:
Thanks Umnitza! Got mine installed, heres a pic, fitment was great!

, on Flickr
sweetnlowe60 said:
Just wanted to say thanks to the fellas at Umnitza. I ordered my m5tech kit and and looks and fits perfect!
got my umnitza sideskirt installed - - Forums

M5 Front Bumper with E39 Projector39 Hella Style with Orion V2 Headlights

HlyDvlz1989 said:
I ordered PP as I had doubts that it would fit perfectly whichever route I went

this is AFTER I had put in PVC board in the rear to bump up the rear gap so it wasn't as noticeable, I will say that the paint was well done the quality of the bumper itself was good.
AnotherGeezer said:
My experience with Umnitza mirrors yours. Glad you took the time to show some love for these guys.
d1984 said:
i've had good experiences with them in person. great guys to do business with and it's nice to see a business owner getting involved as much as Matt does. i keep procrastinating on my m tech rear and wheels though. i have to say that my experience was way different than a lot of the negative stuff i have read online

Grant318is said:
Ok. Cool. Here are some fitment pics. Anyone who says it doesn't fit isn't trying hard enough or has never put on a bumper.
Grant318is said:
They did a great job, the bumper fits PERFECT and the LEDs they sent me are awesome. Would 100% order again.
With a touch of trepidation I recently placed an order for new headlights, tailights and front/rear bumpers with Umnitza. There was a recent post with some negative comments but I made the leap anyways.

I called the shop up on monday and talked to Matt. I wasn't completely sure what I wanted in regards to headlights and he took time to walk me through all the options. I had decided ahead of time I would just drive to the shop, its about an hour away, and pick the parts up rather than deal with shipping. The tailights were out of stock so he said he would mail them to me, the rest of the parts would be ready to pickup on Friday but to call on Thursday to make sure.

I called on Thursday and was told the headlights werent ready but they would be by the time I got there the next morning, I was a little worried but left at 9am the next morning anyways.

I got to the shop around 11 and there were 2 installers finishing up a set of angel eyes on a pretty sweet M3 in the parking lot. Matt was in the office and came out and shook hands, told me the parts were ready and proceeded to show me how the wiring would go and even bench tested to show me they worked. The guys helped me load the car and sent me on down the road.

By the time I got home, USPS had dropped off my tails. I cant speak to the bumper fitment, they are at paint with the car, but Matt was first class. He was extremely helpful, pleasant and knowledgable. I wont hesitate for a moment to do business with Umnitza again. I know its pretty common to flame someone publicly when things go wrong, I just wanted to take a second to say what a great experience it was.
E36 Bumper special
Replica M3 bumpers

Finally, a picture we posted a long time ago, but it hasn't changed and only gotten more crazy lately:
This is how we package bumpers day to day:
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