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Ultralightweight Carbon Fiber Body Panels!

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To keep it short and sweet (the links below point to the posts on the E46M3 board that have all the major info), I own a aerospace prototyping company and we specialize in creating small runs of high strength, low cost carbon fiber parts. With this in mind (and the fact my future E46M3 has a slight weight problem) I'm trying to gauge the interest in other BMW owners in this type of product. (I asked alan before I wrote this all the pertinant sub-boards so no flames please)

The basic facts are these (costs and weights are estimates right now, but are conservative where possible)
panels possible (in order of availability): hood, trunk lid, front quarter panels, doors (outer panel + frame).
Cost (for more explanation see links) ~600 +/- 100 per panel
Weight savings: 20-30lbs PER PANEL! (yes, that means the trunk lid would weight like 3lbs, trust me, in my office we have a composite tube that weighs 2.3lbs and it held 420,000lbs in its final (god rest its soul) test))
Availability: if I get 10 interested people for a part, that should be enough for us to start taking real orders, and it shouldn't take more than 4-8wks from order to delivery.

Ok, there is alot more data at the following links

<A HREF=> First post, basic information plus motivation (also begins the thread) </a>

<A HREF=> More cost information, plus some safety / collision information </a>

<a href=> Long post, lots of good questions answered regarding safety, paintability, cost, etc </a>

<a href=> Final post, summary and how to request further info </a>

Ok, now what I need from you (if you are interested or want to help) is:

1. if you are interested (regardless of HOW interested) please email me with three pieces of info:
a. type of car
b. desired type of panel
c. level of interest
(ranging from, "send me a brochure" (I think that one may be tough, our graphic designer quit 2 weeks ago
to "if you sold
them at these estimated prices I would buy it right now" (of course that only pertains to non E46M3 parts)

2. If anyone has any of the following data on hand, or knows where to get it, it would save me alot of trouble
A. dimensional drawings of any E36 (M3 specifically), E39 (M5 specifically) or E46 body panels
B. weights of panels (even more important than the drawings, we have access to the necessary coordinate measuring
equip to use the part to generate the mold) but the weights will allow us to give you guys TRUE numbers as to how
much this stuff will save us
C. part #'s and prices for E36, E39 (M and non-M) and E46 body panels. I keep seeing pictures from a parts type catalog
that looks to be online, but I don't know where to find it.

Ok, that should be it, email me if you have any questions

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At $600 and 8lb I suspect I could get you ten orders for Gen 1 ('89-91) Taurus SHO hoods... for the M5, I need to think about this, I'm not sure 150lb off the M5 is going to make a real difference in its character.
Actually, some E39 540 guys supposedly just looked up the weights of the hood,trunk, and 1/4panels and say the 6 total almost 300lbs, so roughly a 200lb reduction (minimum), with doors, almost 300lbs...
Well, a 200lb reduction in an M5 increases the power to weight the same amound as 20hp improvement. Now, how much is that 20hp worth?, in addition to that, its a 5% decrease in the weight the suspension has to handle....

Regarding the SHO hoods, please email me with info regarding that, if you hook us up, maybe we can cut a deal...

I like the idea. If we can trim 500 lbs off the M5, it will be just as fast as the Z8 :) I will be happy if I can lose 100 ~ 200 lbs off the M5. Please keep me posted. I am interested but would like to hear feedbacks from your E36 customers first before making any commitment.

'00 silverstone M5
if you can email me at [email protected] I can keep you updated
I'm interested. Please email any info you have.
I would have a big interest for the M5, hood and trunk.
I need you to email me if you are interested so I can add you to our email list
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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