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Ultimate wax for the M5

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After reading some discussion on this board about Zymol i decided to purchase some.It is not easy to get in Canada so i went to and got it shipped. It is a must!!
My jet black beast looks better than new.
Thanks to everyone who posted.
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i have every damn zymol product that i would need on the way or already here. hey, i have a question which has REALLY been bothering me. how do you guys get rid of your water spots right after rinsing and drying? i even use the Zymol towels, but i have to keep giving it rubdowns to rid them. am i right in doing so?

I'm not an M5 owner or even a BMW owner, but you might want to try Zanio polish, works great, and much better then any other polish I have used before and I have used them all. for more info. You won't be sorry you tried it, I'm sure of that. Everyone I have talked to that has tried still uses it and won't use anything else.
I have never used Zymol but would like a comparison with the Klasse products. I love the Klasse "High Gloss Sealant Glaze" from Germany. 2 ounces covers a car, it will shine the plastic, and leaves a real "wet look" to my dark cars. There "All-In-One" non abrasive cleaner is great for a first step on oxidized finises as well. Is Zymol any better?
trust me Zymol doesn't compair to Zanio not one bit. give it a try you won't be sorry.
I totally concur that Zaino is the best paint care system out there! I was confirmed Zymol products user until a friend's never-ending raves about Zaino convinced me to give it a try on my wife's Cosmos Black Metallic E34 M5. I had to get motivated, since it's a multiple-step system that's a bit time-consuming at first (removal of all old wax with a solution of Liquid Dawn first, followed by claying the entire surface, then application of a polish lock, then swirl remover, then gloss enhancer). However, the process yields spectacular results and maintenance is quick and easy afterwards if you keep up with it (use of Zaino car wash and gloss enhancer, periodic application of swirl remover for a really deep shine). It also requires use of nothing but 100% cotton towels (I use specially prepared towels bought through Aardvark Towels; unfortunately, the owner is no longer accepting orders, but he does have instructions on how to make your own at:;$sessionid$S0EZYYYAAAMYTWGIHUVUTIWYZA4S1PX0?pid=0

As was noted, is the website for Zaino information and ordering. One final plus: the firm's owner, Sal Zaino, is readily available to personally answer technical questions, both on-line and via phone. I've gone from skeptic to believer as far as Zaino is concerned - no affiliation, just a satisfied user.

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I've tried most polishes out there but not the Zaino product ... I'll try that next. I've been a Zymol fan so far.

If you haven't got time for a heavy duty wax job, Prizm is one step beyond the wax job you'd get at a car wash. You wash your car and dry it then you apply Prizm (which is like a soap and is cheap around $5) and then hose it off. It takes about 10 minutes and water beads nicely on it afterwards. You do need to do it when the temp is over 50F and the car hasn't sat in the sun otherwise the stuff is hard to get off.
Best thing I like about Zanio is it is easy to put on and comes off just as easy. I must have Zanioed my car over 15 times in 4 months. It is addictive
. Car looks better then new everytime I use it. Like I said before, you will love this product. It also last longer then any other wax type product I have used. Oh, and remember Zanio isn't a wax it is a polish, but protects better then a wax.
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Sorry to be so ignorant, but i never used such types of products (here in Europe people seem to be really less addicted to these than you in the US, as no one has never told me about such products)

Is it useful only for dark colors, or for a Silverstone E39 M5 like mine would it really useful too ?

And what are all the procedures and products necessary (soap, wax,..) ?

Is it a long work or only 30 mins ?

Sorry again, but i'm completely lost between these waxing, polishing, soaping products..

The answers to most of your questions will be found on the Zaino web site:

Be sure to read the FAQ and the description of the various products.

As I mentioned earlier, the initial preparation and application can be time-consuming because of the number of steps involved and the waiting time for certain products to dry. After that, regular maintenance is very quick and easy - much quicker than Zymol maintenance and the results have far exceeded my expectations.

From what I've seen, the Zaino products work equally well on all types of finishes - solids, metallics, lights, darks, etc.

Suggest you check with them regarding availability outside the US. With a few exceptions, I think they prefer to deal directly, rather than through distributors.

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Rob 28 & RNW,

Thanks for the Zaino wax tip. I bought the entire "wax system" from them and just finished the second coat of Zaino #2 on my Titanium Siver M5. The shine is awesome! I didn't expect the silver to show that kind of luster compared to a black or blue color. It is also much easier to keep clean now using the touch-up Zaino spray shine.

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