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UK Santa Pod Sat RWYB Day 2.4.2011

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just seeing if there is enough interest in something like this. RWYB, is intended for street legal cars on street tyres. You are supposed to bring a helmet if your end speed is going to be >110mph, although i must confess i've not seen this rule heavily enforced, nonetheless you should be aware! your name/time will go on the website 2011 table and i can't see any M cars on there!

here's the blurb from the website:-

Venue normally opens at 8.00am with the track open from 9.30am to 5pm. It is recommended you arrive before 9.30 to ensure track-time. We can only accept a limited number of sign-ons, so arrive early to avoid disappointment! Admission for normal RWYB public track days is £10, plus a one-off signing on fee of £25 for drivers for unlimited runs or £10 for passengers going down the strip.
Please note, track opening times are approximate and may be subject to track and weather conditions. The dragstrip cannot be used in the wet. Don't forget your driving licence!

I could also make an enquiry to see if they'll do an M5 Board club stand, again the blurb from the website:-

If you are you looking for a venue to hold a club day, then look no further and combine your next meeting with one of our RWYB's.

We can offer you your own dedicated club area, a meeting room if required and reserved tables for lunch in the Pod Shop Cafe. The only cost to you will be the normal £10 admission (under 13's are FREE), and £25 Sign-on for unlimited runs on the track. After each run on the track your members will receive a personal performance print-out so you'll be able to organise your own internal RWYB league table!

Santa Pod Raceway opens at 8.00am with the track open from 10am - 5pm. (Don’t forget your driving licence! Helmets required for bikes and open top cars).

If you would like to book your club in for a RWYB meeting, then please call 01234 782828 or complete the form at the bottom of this page

RWYB - Dates & Prices
RWYB - Contact Us
RWYB - Guides

I would suggest signing on and meeting for breakfast at 830am, and then putting some runs down - should be less busy and cooler. may be worth keeping this provisional as you can't predict the weather and confirming nearer the time once we know what the weather's going to be like. and if it's looking good, turn up on the day and make this happen!

People interested:-

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