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sorry can't scan,and I can't provide any links ,but

in general the car has had rave reviews,1 magazine criticised the styling ,the others liked it...but the important thing is they are raving over it with regards to the driving.
ONe magazine tested it against the maserati 4200gt and the JAg xkr ,claiming the 6 was totally superior to these cars and would leave them for dead (over driving roads, in a straight line the maserati is very quick ,the one I have driven was as fast as the m5 when i had it).
A couple have mentioned its 911 type styling which I think can only be good.

The only negative is their united criticism of run flat tyres,something that has been criticised on the 5 as well,I hope BMW have a rethink over this as the benefits gained seem to be outweighed by the performance (or lack of) of the tyres.
Overall they are raving over the 645,roll on the m6.
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