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Two speeding questions.

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How many of you have opened up your M5 all the way? I've gotten up to about 150 twice, and was still accelerating, but ran out of road. I routinely hit 120.

What's the fastest you were ever going when you got caught? Ticket? Jail? I haven't gotten caught in my M5 (Thanks V1!).
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Well, acording to my calculations, with stock tires and the stock gearing a 7000 rpm put to the shaft of the gearbox will turn 329 Km/h on the wheels. Can anyone confirm this. I know there are always some frictional loses but the only point were i can figure rpms lost is the clutch. How much could be lost there. I know the E30 M3 Evo had a 3% loss on clutch at max speed of 248 Km/h. What's up for the M5 ?! Those 329 are surelly exagerated, but then were those rpms go?!?!?
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