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Turing Off the AC

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Is there anyway to make it so the fan and heater or ac is all off when you turn on the car. In other words the temp indicator would be blank. I'm having to turn it off manually each time I start the car. One thing though, the previous owner swapped out the original nav system and in dash screen with a Alpine system. This means, I do not have access the menu buttons or any other buttons on the dash around the screen. I know, what a bummer. Thanks
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Probably right, but when I make a climate control change, it reverts back the first time, but it seems to "stick" the second time I make the same change.

So, try turning off the AC/fan BEFORE turning off the car, and see if the car "remembers" the setting after 2 or 3 consecutive tries when shutting down.
Exactly right, mine stayed off after the 3rd consecutive try. Although sometimes it does revert back and turn on (on the lowest setting) when I start up the car.
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