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Hello all,
First wanted to say I've been avidly reading the forums for quite a while and for some reason my first moniker went awry, so here I am. Current car is a 2004 E55 AMG silver on black, it'll really move. I am waiting on a U.S. E60 M5 for somewhere around week 39 or 40 delivery. I've really leaning towards black on indy red or interlagos on one of the lighter gray colors. Always silverstone on red or black as a backup. I have a few questions about the car.

1) Has anyone here heard the supersprint exhaust with headers and downpipes?

2) how does the hartge exhaust sound? Loud enough for people to snap their necks to get a look? Make the cabin boomy?

3) I'm really leaning towards some 20 or 21" hartge or HRE wheels, anybody with wheels in this size, does it hurt ride quality? What about with the hartge lowering springs?

4) Any suggestions on a great ECU that anyone has read about (or owns)?

I dont think I'm repeating anything as far as I know. Sorry if i did!ouich

I see huge potential in this car with very few mods, maybe sometime down the line a super or turbo charger will get us in the 650-700 hp range? Alpina ought to do this, their B5 supercharger seems darn efficient on those bmw engines!

Any suggestions about any part of the car would be great!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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