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I believe his name is Paul. He has/had a Dinan S2 M5 sedan. I think he resides in Utah or within this vicinity. I recall there being an issue with the Super Sprint X-Pipe being part of the Dinan S2 package. He actually lost some HP as a result of the S.S. X-Pipe being connected to the exhaust system. He ultimately had Dinan Dyno the car (several times) and re-install the stock OEM resonator and the car's HP increased.
This story was a while ago, so Im not 100% clear on the facts.
This is what happened, right??? I hope Im not imagining all of this! ??????
I'd like to get in touch with this member.
I was told today by my local Dinan dealer, that Dinan doesn't want to do the S2 package installation if the S.S. X-Pipe is to be included with the car. I told my Dinan dealer that they can remove the X-Pipe and re-install the OEM resonators, simply because Im tired of haggling over this issue. I would feel a lot better if I communicated with "Paul" and he verified this information, regarding the resonator situation.
Thanks Guys.
Robert :sad3:
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