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Trunk Problems

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I have read threads about people not able to open their trunks, but this is something different.

If I pop my trunk (doesn't matter if it's with the fob, dash button or trunk button) the trunk pops properly, then I open the trunk, do whatever task I needed to do, then I go to close the trunk.

Here is where the problem arises. Just before the trunk closes the latch makes its open noise again and the trunk won't latch, I lift it up an inch or so it resets, then I go to close it and opens again. Sometimes this happens twice other times over 30. Right now my trunk is open in the parking lot because I was so sick of it.

Once I do finally get it closed and latched it stays that way and never randomly opens or pops.

What might be wrong? My thoughts were a faulty latch, but I'm not sure whats triggering it or one or more of the wires in the trunk harness thing have rubbed through.

I have sort of eliminated one of the switches being bad since it seems to do it regardless of the switch I use to pop the trunk, and I would think that if a switch was making contact, the trunk would randomly pop.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Such a little thing brings great irritation.


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No, you really can't hurt anything by pulling fuses, but I'd start with the ones that look right based on the fuse diagram :) Don't forget there are fuses in the right rear as well - the ones you want may very well be back there.

As for the "sealed passage", I'm not at my car, but you should be able to get at the wire by either a) removing the trunk top liner or b) removing the rear deck. It has to go somewhere relatively easily accessible or the BMW techs couldn't fix it either!

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