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Hi guys,

CKS, Corner Konnection Systems, accommodates the needs of any automotive enthusiast, offering a track-tested, efficient, safe, and reliable coilover. Our goal is to help customers win at the track, improve lap times, or simply help with better enjoyment of your car.

CKS coilovers are built using only the highest grade materials. The upper mounts, lower mounts and spring perch are made out of 6061 T6 aluminum, and rely on SAE 9254 (500,000 times of compression test) springs and SCM440 hardened piston rods. Giving you a smooth and solid feeling ride, it doesn't matter if you're driving through city pot holes, or racing on a track at 100+ mph. The bottom line is that after all those years of development, CKS gives you a one of a kind coilover and a guaranteed peace of mind knowing you're driving with the most reliable, safe and highest performing coilover on the market.

-mono-tube shock design (inner polished seamless 55mm steel tube)
-44mm linear characteristic internal piston
-Italian IP F.A 5W shock oil: very high viscosity index guarantees efficient shock absorbing movement at any ambient temperature.
-hard anodized forged aluminum upper mounts spring perch and lower mount
-24 way dampening adjustability with a 12kg spring rate on the front and 10kg spring rate on the rear, making these CKS coilovers a true set of fully adjustable coilovers
-double wishbone suspension can custom order it with forged aluminum shock body for weight saving
-new front sway bar links are included

Every single set is build to order. Turn around time is usually 3-5 working days
F12/13 M6 CKS coilovers: $1950
-free shipping within the US
-installation available for local customers

Suspension With Intelligence from Tohatsu: available upon request
-Swift springs: +$300

Please contact myself, [email protected], or [email protected] for any orders and inquiries.
Thank you!


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I bought a 2013 M6 and the car already had H&R springs on it. The ride was HORRIBLE. Even my wife said I need to change it.

So I decided to go with CKS coilovers with SWIFT springs. At first I went with 14kg Front and 12kg Rear for the spring rate and the ride was still a little to stiff. SO I changed it again the next day to 12kg front and 10kg rear and the ride is PERFECT now.

If anyone wants a test drive let me know! YES you do lose EDC function, but all you need to do is turn a knob to go stiffer or softer and the ride quality is a lot better than stock or H&R.
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