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I hope this is ok to post here.
I'm finished with this car and moving on to the next one. I want to sell it and find an m5 or trade it plus cash.
email me for any other info, this is pretty much a cut paste from my pelican add
1987 3.2 carrera
stock bosch motronic with proto chip
stock compression
.6 bar 327hp at the wheels
LM1 WB logger
all, receipts
95k miles
lots of parts
wevo g50 shifter
pretty much everything redone, and tons of new parts over the 4 years I've had it. about 20k or so spent on it, estimate.
recent dyno

I have a long list of stuff written out that I can email if someone wants.
I'm just not gonna put it here
pics here
autotrader add here

18 months on turbo and around 2+k miles off the top of my head
email [email protected]
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