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Recently, when driving home late it has been very cold (below 30) and each time, my traction control light comes on and stays on, indicating I cant turn it back on.

Next day in warmer (high 40s to 50s) weather the system works.

This happened several cold nights in a row and I had the codes read by a BMW technician. who is local and trusted. He says the traction control module is faulty. No other codes at all, which is just great.

I didnt get to ask any particulars (doh). Anyway, could you guys suggest how I might get this? Is it an M5 specific part or could I get an e39 part?

Or is there any more advice you could impart in my direction, perhaps that the mechanic ignored?

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I sent mine to them, they tested it and turned out to not be a fault, they sent it back without charging me!
When driving without the module, you have no ABS, no DSC, no speedo, the MPG computer gets confused which effects the petrol gauge. Also there is a rev limit in each gear of iirc 5800rpm.

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If you trust the mechanic 100%, go with that diagnosis and replace the module....

But I'd want to know PRECISELY what codes he found and how he made the diagnosis... the ONLY symptom is the DSC light? No ABS? No speedo issues?

Wheel speed sensor icing up can interfere..but I think you'd get ABS issues too....


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Check out my previous DIY

Just as ard said, I would want to see precisely what the fault codes were that determined the ABS/DSC
has failed. Reference codes below.

Link below is my DIY for my repair of the ABS/DSC module on my car about a month ago.

Have had no further problems. I have since added a heat shield to the inner side of the module, to help
alleviate potential damage due to heat.The DIY gives directions for testing all of the wheel speed sensors
(and their wiring) at the ABS/DSC module connector, using a DVOM with diode test function. Not to say it
will repair your module but it's sure worth a try.

Picture below is the connector, showing the pin numbers.

In the event your module does need further, internal repair, repairing your current module will allow it
to be reinstalled without having to get it initialized with a GT1 or equivalent (which is required if you
install a new one).


Bosch DSC III, version 5.7 fault codes:

5 Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
6 Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor
7 Front Left Wheel Speed Sensor
14 Solenoid Valve Relay (check fuses 17 & 33)
15 Pressure Sensor/Pump Error
21 Module Memory Failure - ABS/ASC module is faulty
23 Incorrect Coding - ABS/ASC module is faulty
24 Wrong Impulse
30 Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
31 Open Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
32 Open Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor
33 Open Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor
50 Right Front Outlet Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
51 Left Rear Outlet Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
54 Left Front Inlet Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
55 ASC Intake Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
58 Gear Box Control Unit (CAN bus error)
59 DMER1 (CAN bus error)
61 Steering Angle Sensor Identification
66 Speed Sensor Voltage Supply
67 Intermittent Interference
75 Engine Speed Fault from DME
81 Pressure Sensor
82 Open Yaw Rate Sensor
86 ASC Cut-off Valve Rear Axle
88 Precharge Pump
89 Low Voltage
90 Temporary System Deactivation
94 DDE Fault/Yaw rate sensor
97 Steering Angle Sensor
10 Brake Light Switch
108 SN Control
112 Open CAN to Instrument Cluster
114 Pressure Sensor Offset
117 Brake Light Switch Failure
118 DME Status-Internal Error


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umm. I decided to look closer after getting a "check brake fluid" message on the dash.

sure enough, it was at the min line. had trouble getting dot 4 fluid last night (all parts stores close by were out..... wtf?)

test drove a little more and the TC light only came on after turning hard or going over a bump.

sure enough I got some fluid and topped it up and the light did not return even in 17 degree weather.

Man, thank goodness I did further investigating.
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