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2003 540iT M-Tech – Only 50K Miles – 4 Years Left on WARRANTY! - 100% Stock and PRISTINE

- Under transferable WARRANTY (that has actually paid out). 4 Years or 50,000 more miles left on it!
- Amazing condition – see 99 photos with captions at this link:
- 100% stock
- Adult owned
- Current Mileage is 50,158
- A rocket ship wagon – this Touring is fast (324 ft-lbs. @ 3600 rpm). Specs here.
- Mechanically PERFECT. Head mechanic at my indy shop is a former BWM tech, and more importantly, an enthusiast who himself daily drives an E30 318 and a 635 CSI. He loves BMWs and takes very good care of this one.
- Options: see the photos.. cold weather package, Nav, Premium sound system with DSP, CD changer, shadowline trim, sport suspension. I think it has just about everything that it could.

EXTREMELY RARE. If you know what this car is, then you already know that. If you don’t, the word is that less than 200 were imported to North America in ’03 (final model year) with this M-tech package. Someone on this forum told me that this car is only 1 of 2 imported in this color combo. It may be the lowest miles and most pristine specimen left on this side of the Atlantic. I believe it to be a very collectible E39, especially for you Touring nuts.

ASKING $23,000 O.B.O. (remember…it is under a nice transferable warranty)

-Interior is 10/10. The only significant wear is on the center console handle – an $8 part. See the photos, interior has been babied and looks like a 1 year old car. The leather is beautiful.
- Exterior is 9.5/10. The underside of the front spoiler has seen a few light scrapes (it’s low!), but it isn’t bad at all. There is a tiny chip or two on hood, but you really have to look for them. A couple of the wheels have a bit of curb rash (female driven before me), but not much, see photos. Overall, the paint and trim (cool “shadowline” black chrome) are in incredible shape, the car has lived my garage since I had it (I work from home) and it was clearly garaged by previous owner (housewife).
- EVERYTHING ON THE CAR WORKS except what is noted below. A/C blows cold (I hardly ever use it as I prefer windows/sunroof). Engine is quite. Idles perfectly (see video). Steering recently aligned and comes with Firestone Lifetime Alignment Recheck.
- No accidents, never smoked in

- Some pixel loss on dash (none on the climate control unit), but it isn’t bad. Everything is still very legible.
- Left rear passenger seatbelt won’t retract all the way. I just haven’t taken the time to tinker with it.
- Was throwing a code 0440 (Evap Emmission Control) for a while when fuel tank dropped below ½ full, but I put a brand new OEM gas cap on three weeks ago and so far no more code! I think that fixed it.
- Retractable trunk cover works, but it is slightly offline so that when pulled out there is a slight warp on the far right. I haven’t taken time to tinker with it. The one-time I valeted the car at Charleston Airport it came back this way. Lesson learned – no more valet. This is an extremely small “issue”, but… full disclosure.
- THAT’S IT. SERIOUSLY. THIS CAR IS IN AMAZING SHAPE. Everything else works perfectly.

- I’ve owned this vehicle now for 1 year & 2 weeks, during which time I’ve put only 6,900 miles on the car. I purchased it from Mercedes Benz of Massapequa (upscale dealership in upscale part of Long Island, quite a way out from NYC). It came in on trade from a “wealthy car geek who liked his toys”. His wife’s car. I have the Carfax from the time of purchase which lists two owners, but it looks more like one owner with a reregistration, which is consistent with what the dealer knew about the car and client. Carfax is perfect from then and will be perfect if run today. It went up for sale on Autotrader in November 2012 and essentially sold the same day with a huge inflow of cars to the dealership. The Merc guys didn’t know what this car was, had it priced wrong and got slammed with phone calls. They were truly baffled by the interest in this wagon. My colleague lives down the street from the dealer, buys very expensive Mercs there, and he secured it for me.
- I purchased and drove the car back to Charleston, South Carolina where I have lived for the last 8 years. I work from home and ALWAYS garage this car. I don’t like my cars outside at night, getting rained on, or anything of the sort. Since I work from home, this car isn’t outside while I’m working either. At the airport – covered parking garage. This is my 3rd E39 (though not consecutively) and my 2nd E39 Touring. I had a beautiful ’99 528iT that caught fire after running over a piece debris on Interstate and burned to the ground in front of me.
- Service History (by me): alignment done (Firestone Lifetime Recheck), one flat tire replaced, (2) $4 tail light bulbs replaced, oil change, etc. (synthetic of course), (1) ignition coil/valve cover gasket --- $766 in part & labor, but I paid only $329 of it – ROUTE 66 WARRANTY PICKED UP THE BALANCE and they were very easy going about it (nice people in Mt. Home, Arkansas). My mechanic called them with diagnosis; they gave him a CC number over the phone and paid their portion. I have all documentation for this and everything else.

I have the original manual in its leather folio, all documentation since my ownership, two working original transponder keys and I think even have the plastic valet key.

WARRANTY DETAILS: I have all documentation. I paid $1,900 for this transferable warranty ($50 transfer fee which I’ll pay) that I picked up via Pentagon’s credit union. By the way, I have title in hand for this car. ROUTE 66 DELUXE COVERAGE is not sold on any car over 10 years old. I slipped into it with one month shy of 10 years. It is 100K miles/5 years, whichever comes first. Therefore the car has nearly 4 full years or 50K miles left under warranty!!!. Know many other E39s under warranty? In 3 years it may be the only E39 on the road that is under a fairly comprehensive warranty! See warranty details here.

I absolutely love and pamper this thing, but I’m the only one ever in it (except date night with the wife) and I don’t really drive much anyway. As such, I’m going in for a 2-seater. I’m ready for a manual transmission roadster. If you have a low miles Z3 3.0 manual, let’s talk. I think that is to be the replacement car.

NOTE ON PHOTOS: There are 99 photos. All photos were taken THIS WEEK (taken over two days…I couldn’t get the light right), except for a few at the end which were taken when the car was purchased. The (6) photos NOT taken this week are noted as such in the comments field of the photo.

PRICE: $23,000 OBO. It’s high, but there is an enthusiast out there who wants a nearly perfect example of a rare E39 V8 Touring WITH 4 YEARS LEFT ON A WARRANTY.

Please contact me at charlestonmapman at gmail with any questions. If it seems right, we can speak by phone too.

Thanks for looking,

Charleston, SC

VIN: WBADR63443GN92438

In case embedded links above don’t work:

CARFAX (from 11/16/12)
BMW E39 540i M62 4.4L Search Armrest ES#83900 Center Console Handle - 51167141735
2003 BMW 5 Series 540i Wagon 4.4L V8 5-speed Automatic Features and Specs

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That is a beautiful car! GLWS

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Of course this comes up for sale in my hometown as I am out at sea...

Good luck with your sale...if its still around in a month you will most definitely hear from me...

This should be gone in a week or two...

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I swear I saw this car at a dog kennel a few months back ugh I wish I could buy this
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