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I've got a 2006 BMW M5 with black seats that have started to show some wear. I'd like to touch them up, without redying the entire seat.

I've got Lexol Step 1 Cleaner and Step 2 Conditioner, and was going to put a few light coats of black dye on some areas of the seats prior to Step 2.

I can't find any specific dye for the M5, but assumed that getting a standard black dye, putting it on a clean cloth and adding a tiny bit of paint thinner or acetone would get the job done. I've seen the process done elsewhere, but someone said that the color's would be way off.

Planned steps:
Thoroughly clean with Lexol Step 1
Lightly wet sand with 600 grit, sandpaper the affected areas
Dab on black dye with a touch of acetone
Apply 4 or 5 very light coats
Let dry for 48 to 72 hours
Apply Step 2 lexol leather conditioner.

Has anyone done this or something else to restore their seats? Which dye or paint did you use? I've heard that the seats are sealed, does this matter when touching up the creases/cracks?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Standard black dye won't match. Done that - it looks hideous.

Get proper dye -

Check your VIN for proper color code for your leather.

Get their filler if you need to fill cracks. I would skip Lexol and all the fancy stuff - just wash the leather with good soap, scuff with fine sandpaper (start with 400/800/1000) then you can either airbrush/spray paint, or just use sponge to dab the dye on. Don't try to put thick layers - thin layers (3 or 4) gives you best coverage. No need to wait hours, it dries almost instantly. I'd say 3-5 minutes.

Finally, get a good leather dye sealant - spray or liquid - and seal your dye. LeatherTech has all the stuff you need. I prefer Flat Clear, but some like Semi-gloss. THe thing is, flat will eventually turn semi-gloss, and semi-gloss with turn shiney. Your call.

Here is the seat I did few months ago - the results were great (even though I didn't like the dye I worked with, but apparently they are all similar):


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I haven't had to restore, just minor touch ups. Pretty happy with this brand though I haven't used any other brand to compare with.
Its important to reach out to them & provide the make of the vehicle & the exact color of the leather
I ordered from Amazon. F034 Schwarz Black

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